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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 29, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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team. and that's it for today, have a great week and we'll see you from our election headquarters in new york, next fox news sunday. noift night ♪ig fox. for now that's how we'll report. >> first on goal on huckabee. one state gives both candidates the best shot. >> that is an ohio welcome. hello, ohio . >> will they call the right play in ohio and can they win the election without the buck eye state. americans paying more and saving less and prices and taxs and hettle care set to cost more will your wallet decide your vote. little rock. fort hood. that is not work place violence it is terrorism.
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and now libya. >> something fishy about what happened over there. why won't the administration call it what it is. terrorism. welcome to huckabee. tonight we are coming to you from our fox burro in washington dc. and early voting started in many states and one of the early voters in ohio was president obama. he had to produce a photoid to vote. help me to understand recognizable person in the entire united states of america has to show his photoid why is it too much to ask that for the rest of that. most of them gave up the licenses and passport. if chicago requires voters id. those who say we ain't got
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voters fraud going on around here, they must have missed the powerful and disturbing reports filed by eric shawn who exposed voters fraud in multiple states. eric reportod hudson hallum a sitting democrat who pled guilty vodka voting scheme ited his father and city council and even a police officer. the u.s. attorney appointed by barak obama and eric holder got the guilty pleas and the resignation. it is just people don't usually get caught. in virginia this we're. patrick moran was forced to resign from his father's campaign after an undercover
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video showing young moran aiding and abetting fraud and get ballots and using forged documentings. i joked that you ought fovote early and often. but i never meant for people to take that literally. a fraud vote is stealing a vote from the thin air and nullifies the legal vote of a tax paying citizen whose rights to a fair election should not be tampered with. winning an election is important and winning it honestly is imperative in a constitutional republic. wee we expect ballot manipulation in countries with chavez and ahmadinejad and castro. we should expect clean and honest voting in our united states. people in my voting station know andec arinize me and i gladly show them my photoid in
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case there is an unlucky chump that looks like me. and the president shows his id and he didn't object either. so stop the funny nonsense that requiring an id disinfranchises voters that arold or black. i am getting old and obama is black. so it didn't disinfranchise us. once aught to do it center of the political universe is ohio. president obama and governor romney are locked in a tight race to reach the magic number of 270 votes and ohio could tip the scames one way or the other. that's why the candidates are putting time and effort in the buck eye state . joining me senior political analyst for the washington examiner michael moran.
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>> good to be with you. >> this election may come down to ohio. what does romney have to do to win the state. >> he has to win over a lot of afluent voters necessary suburbian areas that haven't voted republican in the last couple of presidential election. areas with which republicans used to win but trended democratic over the last 20 years. on the cultural issues and he has to win them over economic and stewardship and foreign policy get the white nonblue collar. obama campaign baraged ohio with ads. biggest anti-romney ads he's outsourced job to china and he fired me and my wife got cancer and all of that sort of thing. they have seen it in ohio and white noncollege voters in
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ohio are considerably not likely to support romney than in other states. there are different ohios and he has to gain in different places on different issues and appeals. >> michael you looked deeper in ohio and picked out one county that may be the key to the state of ohio. why and which county. franklin county includes the state capt capt of -- capital of columbus. franklin was a republican stronghold and a solidly republican. and columbus is the fastest growing metroarea in ohio and only one with vast population growth and economic growth. there is it a white collar population there and ohio state university is there and largest state universities in the world and university that tending to be left wing and
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people with graduate degrees and lot of them can't finted - find jobs these days. obama got 60 percent of the vote there. that was a growing african-american community there as well. and so obama has target to get out and vote. african-american voters and singleles and crowd. and they would like to get the same turn out. romney has to go in the old neighborhood in the outer suburbs was columbus and by the way, that is where a number of romny and ryan campaigns. >> we are not ready for the yet. but who do you see winning the election? >> i see romney winning the election. i see him generally ahead in the polls and i see him, i see president obama at fren percent. that is not because people don't know him. you have 53 percent last time.
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100 percent of the people know him and observed him closely for four years and you can't help but observe the president closely and only 47 percent are voting for him f. the election were held would he have the 270 vote majority nailed i think so but not sure. we have seen the situation where winninglet popular vote didn't win the electorial vote. but he's clearly within reach of 270 electoral votes. >> i have a lot confidence and you are usually right when everybody else is wrong. we'll fiped out how it turned out. >> we'll see if i am red-faced. >> i am sure you will not be. >> michael marone. new emaims who -- was sent the e-mails of the benghazi attacks. the smoking gun evidence that proved it was not a spontanous
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stable condition and hospitalized that. is governor romney talking with supporters. >> state department document show that the white house new nathe libya attack was terrorism yust two hours after the attack. according to the e-mails, islamic militant group claimed responsibility for the attacks in the u.s. consulate in benghazi. katherine is with us . thank you for being here. >> nice to see you in person. >> katherine, these e-mails were sent to high ups in the white house. >> the emaims right here, they are the single most important documents that we have seen in
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the libya scandal. it takes real-time information of how the attack unfolded to the national security council staff in the white house that. is it the white house situation room and top security advisors for the president and decode the e-mail it went to the special asustant for secretary of state clinton whose job it is to take an e-mail and go you need to pay attention to this. there is no way the administration can deny they didn't know what happened in benghazi. >> they are not just to be ina know in box. >> they go to the heart of the white house, the white house situation room means that the top advisors knew it was unfolding as a terrorist attack and a group claimed responsibility. that is important five or six weeks later, the only suspect in custody is part of the group thats to establish an islamic state in east other
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than lib yampt all of the intelligence came to full circle on what they knew. >> news that you have broken there is it smoking gun evidence that the content indicate it was not a pon tanous mob. >> emaims show they believed it was a terrorist attack from the outside. there is physical evidence decibed to me as a smoking gun and mortar fire used on the annex cia outpost in the second wave. to use the mortar you need to know distance and elevation and weather conditions and the weight of the shell to do a mathematication for the angle is not something at 3:00 in the morning you fire a mortar that is a hit. i was told that the plates that the mortar used to fire was set in day light hours or a day in advance. it shows it was not
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preplanned. >> cia operatives asked three times to get some back up and help. never happened and why not and who denied it. >> the report from the pentagon teem that cia operatives asked twice to go to the consulate to aid the ambassador and others trapped there. they knew it was under fire. we were told that individual said on the ground denied that and told them to hold and a third request for back up for thoonex that came under attack. we are waiting for a formam response from the cia. you have to ask the question. was there an effort number one to down play the exposure of the size and breadth of the cia presence in eastern libya that is it a great untold store store here. >> i had a conversation with senator lindsay graham. he sent later to general
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petraous and cia and he's asking pointed questions. who knew about the situation? when can did the president get notified and what did he do after he was notified. why is there -- and i am going to use the term. you can't make the editorial judgments but i can. why the stone wall cover up. and why and what is it we are trying to protect here? >> you are on to something extremely significant here. on september 14th. cia director david petraeus briefed congress and what i heard through my reporting without releasing classified. they were angry and disappoint wide the cia director because he committed to the administration's narrative and disregarded the other reporting about the attack.
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senator mccane told me he is incredibly disappointed with the cia director someone who was untouchable military - because of the military accomplishmentings. i believe that issue much of this comes back to weapons and the movement of weapons out of the libya to turkey and then boo sir yampt and what the united states knew about the movement of those weapons and whether it did anything to stop the movement. i have one piece of data that said ambassador stevens was in benghazi to negotiate a weapon's transfer and to get sa sevens out of the hands of extremist. the state department dismissed that idea to me it makes why he put himself in the volatile area on the lenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> not only put that position and visit to be low key and it was not well known he was in
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benghazi because there would have been more of a security presence there. was there insider information that leaked that the ambassador was in benghazi? based on ongoing reporting on fox. september 6th. a libyan vessel arrive indeed turkey with a large shipment of shoulder fire missiles. five days later, the u.s. ambassador is in benghazi and meeting with the turkish diplomat in benghazi. why did they want to keep the visit low key when they knew repeatedly from the people on the ground that security was the achilles heel? i don't know. it will unfold and one of the issues that come to the surface is the movement of the weapons. >> katherine, you have done stellar reporting on this and i appreciate your uncovering
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details. >> i think it is important for the four poem who lost their lives that we honor them with the facts and answers in this case. >> i couldn't agree more. >> we'll discuss the president's pat other than of denial from fort
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>> libya is not the fiver time the administration failed to call terrorism in the name of jihad terrorism. the survivors of the shooting in fort hood. a shooting carried out by major nadal hassan, survivors released a video asking the government to call it what it
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really is. it is not work place violence. that is terrorism. and i pray every night that somebody, somebody will finally cave enough to make it what it really is. in june 2009, carlos bled so shot and killed private andy long outside of a recrucment army center. here is how mohammad who is radicalize trained in yemen. >> it was not murder. murder is when a person kills another person without reason. and i did islamicic justified and justified with common sense you know. >> and yet the administration still refuses to call it terrorism. fathers of the shooter and the victim became friends and they
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are working together to prevent other americans to being radicalized. joining me mel vin bled so and daruous long and had their store store chronicled in losing our songs. >> welcome to both of you. thank you for being a part of this. two cases now. fort hood and in little rock. we have had an administration that refuses to say this is it terrorism. daruous. what answers have you been given when you try to find out why your son's death was never labeled an act of terror? >> we never got answers from the administration. what we got was from the press secretary. and what i can say, you get crickets and then denial and thin what you get is a spin and then you get obvisication.
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drive by shoot fort hood is work place violence and benghazi is a reaction to a spontanous demonstration. to me, what it really shows is that little rock might have been the exception had it been the only thing. fort hood became a trend and benghazi confirmed a pattern. that is called a motus oprand i. that is mo. mel vin. your son clearly said that the actions by his own admission was an act of jihad. you talk to fub fib agents and others about your son's actions why do they not call it terrorism? >> they don't want the american people ton what happened. they always deny that my son was radicalized. he was radicalized by the evil
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doers and brainwashed by the same folks. he was programmed and train tod kill. and they followed him to yemen and tracked him before little rock took place. >> earlier this week. father of tyrone woods called inularsularson a and described the experience when his son was returned. >> this is what hillary did. she came over and did the same thing, separately came over and talked with me and i gave hear a hug and shook my hand and she was not one bit sincere at all. she mentioned the thing we'll have that person arrested and prosecuted. and the furst time i heard anything like that. and the whole feeling they got about this, we are not told
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the truth. something fishy of what happened over >> daruous when you hear the dad talking about the situation, how does it make us feel? >> his comments are over the top. four people are dead in what is clearly an attack and the secretary of state is talking about arresting a guy exercising his freedom of speech rights in the united states. they are not talk being going after the killers. i mean, this goes to an agenda with istan bull aaccords and the government is speak toth organization of islamic and talking about restricting offensive language to the group. i mean, the supreme court ruled on that. free speech is not only the stuff we like to hear. but that also has to predict the stuff we don't like to hear. you couldn't write a better
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script in hollywood. this is not fiction, this is it fact. >> there was a lot of warning signs in benghazi. they seemed to be ignored x. and you said there were warning signs regarding your son and what is it that we are not yet learning about how to read them? >> i have been trying to tell everyone who can listen for the last three years about what happened and no one wanted to hear me. i warned the american people that if we don't do something about it. tell continue to happen and those warning signs that the american government is not listening. they don't want to talk about it >> and one of the frustrations that expressed your son is denying the awarding of a purple heart and it was not considered part of his milt service.
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that is frustrating to you. you continued to ask that his case be reopened. what did they ask you about the purple heart? >> because it is it a criminal act and because it was not tried as terrorism, then he's ineligible the fact of the matter is, he was charged under arkansas statutes and the federal government gave us the impression that there would be terrorism charges later on and that was not followed through. i mean, there are no statute necessary arkansas for terrorism, and so here the federal government is blaming arkansas for trying him as a criminal and staying, it is not a terrorist act. this is ridiculous. you mentioned the film that came out. that is it streaming on demand from likewising our and you the you scream at no charge. people can see exactly what transpired and where the
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institutions of government failed us. >> i have seen the video. it is extraordinarily powerful and i hope people will watch it it will be a wake-up call. coming up. my reaction for the president's call for economic patriotism. that is the
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be aware of the storm. back to huckabee. >> if you would like to comment on tonight's show. e-mail us at fox >> the president has long relied on the female vote and enjoyed a big lead with women in the polls. that lead has since vanished. lisa with the conservative women's forum might have the reasons why. here's what she said and i quote. it is astonishing this year to watch the democrats woo women with contraception and abortion that is pretty
3:36 am
contemptous. it reduces them to reproductive. and women callers and nearly one of them talk about how insulted they feel that the president continues to pitch to them that the idea that they need to reelect them mow they'll not make it without a $9 month a birth control pill. most women want jobs and a safe place for kid toz play and want to know that their kids will go to a school that is decent and working for them. they want to know there is it a job out there insteved moving back home with mom and dad most women care about their own buying power and whether or not they can pay or put gas in the car and roof over their heads the idea that most women in america simply want the government to provide birth control and abortion is an insult to most intelligent
3:37 am
women they talk to and probably you, too. do you want a glimpse of what four more years of obama will look like? earlier this week the president released a pamp let. what to expect if he were to win. he touts economic patriotism. that is a phrase he's used on the campaign trail for a while. >> it is time for a new economic ta patriotism. rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> i get it about the class. but if we hit people with more tax people who are work maybe doing pretty well and somehow it is more patriotic to pay more taxes, i love what arthur godfrey said. he was proud to be a tax
3:38 am
paying american and he could be just as proud for half of the money. it is not a matter of patriotism for the government to take more and more of what we earn and redistribute it not so much to people who are absolutely desperate and in need. but just to people who kind of like to have what somebody else had. there is no patriotism in that. it is working hard and not expecting our government to do something for us and expecting us to do something for our government. there was a democrat named john f. kennedy. he had it right. ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. the way i was brought up. democrat or republican. that was patriotism. the obama late night talk show mirn tour continued this week the president was on jay leno. >> you know, i was fine with
3:39 am
up until about 7th grade. and then malea is a fresh man in high school and i am pretty lost. >> yeah, i know >> it is it tough and fortunately they are great students on their own. and you know, if something doesn't work. i will call over to the department of the energy and see if they have a phycist. >> aing the math skills don't go above the 7th grade. i am glad he acknowledged it. i was watchinglet policies and wondered why he can't figure it out. he was on david letterman and asked about the national debt. he doesn't know. and mr. president, it is it 16 trillion dollars and some change. a lot of change and geth bigger all of the time here's another math piece that you might need to be aware of 23 million americans don't have a yob and many who do have half
3:40 am
the job they once had a few years ago. that may be above the 7th grade math skills but i am telling you, people hope if you are relerksected you get a tutor and understand what 16 trillion dollars and each household will owe 143,000 worth of the debt that washington has accumulated. can romney continue the momentum and get ahead in the swing states thoo he needs to beat the president in and
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we are in thifiable stretch for the election a week from tuesday and it is a dead heat. the polls are trending toward romney and the lead that the president had with women is gone . what can happen in the next few days that change things and give either candidate an advantage . joining me is former advisor to bill clinon and president of the polling company kelly ann conway . good to have you here . kelly ann, let me start with you . these states that are in a dead heat. if ohio breaks for obama, what happens to give romney a chance to win. >> romny is it way ahead in the popular vote and that is worth somethingine in the electoral college situation . in the battle of early voting
3:45 am
and late momentum. i rather be romney. it gives hum a shot at state that is obama. wisconsin, iowa and new hampshire and maybe even nevada can get back in there because the republican candidate is doing well. that's the way you play with the map. if you have to cede ohio. you are cashing in and realization that for a president who got 56 percent of the female vote as the nonincumben in a two gender race is significant. >> doug, kelly ann mentioned new hampshire and ohio and iowa and wisconsin. and so, so, obama's barely ahead in some of those state not at 50 percent. that is dangerous for the territory. >> it is and that's why you will see governor that obama is going to raise questions about romney next week because
3:46 am
it is very hard if not impossible for him to get 50 percent. he has to discourage the undecided from voting for romney. that is a win for the president if they stay home. he will need tv effort and plus trying to persuade the undecided not to support romney. >> and governor, may i just add the states are significant for another reason. we look through the 2008 pris'm. in the states that we mentioned. obama carried wisconsin, iowa and new hampshire and ohio, ler. aly . republican one state wide seat and in the case of wisconsin twov them and in the case of new hampshire. and so super seeding intervening factor is the 2010 election and model the turn out with a hybrid of 2008 and
3:47 am
10 where the issues are the same as in 2010; you are on to something you copele that with the president is looking less look a president and more like a politician . he doesn't want to talk about benghazi but binders and bimper. that is making the undecided vote to break for the challenger is true. but president obama is looking less presidential and more politicalment >> kelly, i want to continue on with you asking about the women's vote. there was a remarkable shift. there was a 16 point spread and it looked insurmountable and that is anine match between romney and obama what on earth happened to the women's vote? >> first of all, the first debate in denver. he's given women permission to vote against them. they were feeling guilty maybe bill clinton is right maybe no
3:48 am
one can get it done in four years and now they realize romney is not frightening. he is a reasonable alternative . no one disqualified romney from being a competent ward of our domestic economy and the same change element that ushered in women women among women, governor it is now hurting him because women, it is not just that they feel they are not better off, that is a given. but they don't know the next four years will be. that is scary prospect. four more years of what is nota answered affirmatively and positively. >> i tell you who is not frighteping is doug. >> i appreciate that. >> he's a very real person. i asked this of michael barone who do you think wins if it was held. >> i think president obama but
3:49 am
the election isn't today and with the momentum with governor romney it is a dead heat. the reason i say that. ohio at this point, it is still in alabama state. midwest which midwest spoke of is still at a point where it would go narrly to president obama. largely because of the gotv and resources. but governor it is too close to call. i could be the one with the red face on election day given what i am now say we have a while to go before all of the votes are cast. >> have you noticed that i ask other people to make the prediction and i am not making one. >> i have noticed. >> kelly and doug thank you for being here. great to have you. >> you will be spending more on food and taxs and on health care next year. how big of a factor is that on
3:50 am
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>> the food prices may go up four percent next year and average price of gas has not gone below three bucks a gallon and health care and taxes you pay and they are going up, too. and the interest you make on your savings pretty much nothing while you are spinding more you are saving less. why is it happening now? jerry wilis is it here on the fox business net work. jerry, delighted you are here. >> governor, thank you. >> people are making less, they are having to spend more on basic necessities and what about the impact on the
3:54 am
election? >> i look at economic and numbers and trolling and gdp regular americans done do that. they experience economy first hand how much is in our pocket and prices are going up and as you mentioned before. food prices are going and gas prices are not going up but they could next year. we are seeing other prices go up like health insurance premiums and people make evaluations on their own lives and can i get a job more so than the numbers we are looking at that experience not good right now. >> and the fuel prices have been sky high all year long and all of the sudden, they start tod decline. what is behind that? >> i wish i could report good news but the global economy is slowing down and when demand falls prices fall, too . it doesn't mean tell stay that way. but with the global economy shrinking it hurts the
3:55 am
american workers. >> and essentials that people have food, frule and fundamentap things they can't get go without. but wages are stagnant. who ever inherits the presidential race it is it a tough economy. >> so many thing to dispompt the middle class is seeing not just stagnant wages but declining wages and job opportunities nonexistent and it is a fiscal cliff that happens and unemployment will go to 12 percent that is it the report this week who ever comes in has to get serious about jobs and growing jobs and they have townravele the mystery and get rid of the taxes because it is a job killer and going to stop the economy governor? you thinklet inflation nbc are
3:56 am
honest. your laugh tells me probably nolt. >> problem with cpi. consumer price index. they report it the same way. they take out food and gas those are the two volatile inputs in that data. if you are trying to find inflation, that's where it is going to be. but every administration does that. what i see governor, that is troubling, the jobs gdp those nbc. there is it sinking lies in them right now. we got the big number from the third quarter and they reported two percent. but that is government spending, that is not a free economy doing what it should. that is the tax dollars at work and doesn't mean the american economy is expanding. >> jerry, thank you for joining us and we want to continue to talk to you over the next few weeks especially as we lead right up to the
3:57 am
fiscal and not going off of it >> a pleasure. >> thanks for joining us tonight. until next time this is mike huckabee from washington, good night and god bless .
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